Ambedded / Ambedded was founded in 2013 with the talented team experienced in ARM based software defined storage appliance design and manufacture.

Ambedded offers Ceph storage solution to the market, including Ceph storage Appliance on ARM microservers and SUSE Enterprise Storage Appliance on ARM microservers. In addition to Ceph solution, Ambedded also offers comprehensive Ceph software support to the customer, to help the unexperienced users to adopt this new technology without hesitations.

Open hour : 9am-6pm

Ambedded Technology Co., LTD.


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ARM Based Microserver

Ambedded ARM microserver platform, measuring 4.4 x 6.6 cm, it is the smallest network server, fully equipped to manage the storage while directly connected...

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Appliance Tuning

Ceph was designed to run on commodity hardware, which makes building and maintaining petabyte-scale data clusters economically feasible. When planning...

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Distributed Storage

You can use Ceph to build a server cluster for storing data in high availability. Data replications or erasure code chunks are distributively stored in devices...

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Ceph Block Storage

Block-based storage interfaces are the most common way to store data with rotating media such as HDD, CD. Ceph virtual block device is the favored candidate...

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Ceph File System

The Ceph File System (CephFS) is a POSIX-compliant file system built on top of Ceph’s distributed object store, RADOS. CephFS provides a state-of-the-art,...

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Object Storage and Amazon S3 Compatible Storage

Ceph Object Storage is an object storage interface built on top of librados and provides a RESTful gateway for applications to the Ceph Storage Cluster....

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Easy Hardware Replacement

Ambedded Ceph storage appliance is an entirely no-single point of failure server design. It uses shared-nothing ARM-based microserver architecture. The Mars...

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High Data Availability and Durability

Ceph object storage achieves data availability through replication and advanced erasure coding whereby data is combined with parity information and then...

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Ceph Storage Solutions Design and Manufacture | Ambedded

Located in Taiwan, Ambedded Technology Co., LTD. is a Ceph storage solution provider that offers ARM based software defined storage appliances with 60% CapEX saving, 70% less power consumption and 100% scale out advantages.

For Software-defined storage designing and manufacturing, Ambedded team has broad experience to help customers to adopt the ceph solution into versatile industries, such as Telecom, medical, military, edge datacenter and HA required enterprise storage.

Ambedded has been offering customers Ceph storage solutions since 2013, both advanced technology and 20 years of experience, Ambedded ensures each customer's demands are met.