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    UniVirStor, the Ceph Storage Software Appliance is available now
    05 Jan, 2024

    Ambedded unveils UniVirStor, a revolutionary Ceph-based software-defined storage solution, addressing evolving customer needs for hardware flexibility. This software-only solution offers scalable and highly available Ceph storage, an intuitive UVS Web UI, and expert consultancy and support for Ceph. UniVirStor represents a paradigm shift, providing enterprises with all-inclusive software stacks for seamless and cost-effective software-defined storage deployment.

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    How does Ceph cache tiering perform?
    14 Apr, 2023

    Introduction: In this post, we share a benchmark test to demonstrate how Ceph cache tiering can improve the performance of an HDD pool by setting a cache tier backed by an NVMe pool.

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    Ambedded NVMe Ceph Storage Appliance based on Ampere Altra Arm processor is generally available.
    06 Oct, 2022

    Ambedded Technology launches Mars 500 All-Flash Ceph storage appliance, which offers block, file, and object storage, making it easy to deploy and manage scalable and high-available storage at a lower total cost of ownership (TCO), a NVMe Ceph storage with low carbon footprint without sacrificing the performance.Ambedded announced the general availability of UniVirStor Flash Mars500 Ceph Storage Appliance, a scalable, highly available software-defined storage integrated Ceph, Ampere Arm servers, and Ambedded’s Ceph management web UI. This turn-key appliance solution simplifies the deployment, operation, management, and monitoring of the ceph storage cluster.

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    Ceph is Democratizing Data Storage
    04 Mar, 2022

    Meet Ceph : the open source data storage solution helping decision makers find the flexibility, reliability, and scale to navigate a changing IT landscape. In this report, Ceph foundation and its global key partners (Red Hat, Canonical, Ambedded and Softiron) have interviewed with DataCenter Magazine, to share their thoughts on Ceph storage, and we can see how global enterprises use Ceph.

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    Ambedded Releases The Ceph Management GUI UVS Manager 2.16.19 with Ceph Pacific
    07 Oct, 2021

    Ambedded announces the release of UVS Manager v2.16.19 for Ceph storage appliance.

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    Ambedded Technology and GTM Teknoloji Announce Partnership to Deliver Software-Defined Storage Appliances in Turkey.
    14 Apr, 2021

    Ambedded Technology, a leading software-defined storage appliance manufacturer with rich experiences on Ceph and Arm server, and GTM Teknoloji, a professional IT total solution provider in Turkey, announce the partnership to deliver Ambedded’s cloud-native Software-Defined Storage to the fast-growing Turkish enterprise storage market.Enterprises and organizations looking for the lower cost on-premise, high-available, and scalable cloud-native storage solutions can now get Ambedded Ceph appliances and professional service from GTM Teknoloji in Turkey.

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    Ambedded Announce the Release of UniVirStor Manager Version 2.15.18 for Ceph Octopus
    23 Mar, 2021

    We are delighted to announce the release of UVS manager v2.15.18. v2.15.18 is our first release for Ceph Octopus. The new shipments of Mars 400 will use this version as their default release.We modified a significant portion of UVS codes to introduce the Ceph new management and orchestration tool in this release. The latest release enhances many user experiences on UVS manager. As the Ceph Octopus requires Python 3 support, we also upgrade the CentOS to version 8.Deploying a new Ceph cluster or upgrade to v2.15.18 on Mars 400 will automatically run Ceph MON, OSD, and MDS in containers.Using the earlier version, customers can keep using the Ceph Nautilus or upgrade it to Ceph Octopus. We also released a UVS version 2.14.17-3 to fix some bugs in the UVS manager and upgrade the Ceph to version 14.2.16 for customers who want to stay in the Ceph Nautilus. Please refer to the 2.14.7-3 release notes. Ambedded will continue the support of Ceph Nautilus on the Mars 400 appliance.If your Mars 400 cluster runs Ceph Nautilus, we provide the automatic updater to upgrade your Ceph cluster to Octopus without interrupting your storage service. The updater upgrades the Ceph, the Linux kernel, and CentOS. The updater will help you update your cluster node by node, and the update will not interrupt your service.

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    Sardina Systems and Ambedded Technology announce global partnership to deliver scale out enterprise Software-Defined Storage solution on Kubernetes
    01 Jan, 1970

    Sardina Systems, a leading OpenStack and Kubernetes platforms software vendor addressing the full lifecycle of clouds with pre-integrated operations tools, and Ambedded Technology, a software-defined storage company with expertise on ceph storage and embedded arm platform, today announced they have partnered to deliver a highly efficient and modern Software Defined-Storage solution. Companies looking for an agile, automated SKS Kubernetes based solution to replace the static and inefficient hardware can now embrace the innovative joint solution offered by Sardina Systems and Ambedded Technology partnership.

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    Ambedded releases the Ceph Management GUI UVS manager 2.14.17-01
    25 Aug, 2020

    Version is the third release of UVS manager for Ceph Nautilus. It fixes some bugs and enhances the OSD deployment. We recommend all customers upgrade to v2.14.17-01. Customers can upgrade to this version from 2.14.17 by rpm or from 2.14.16 by update file.

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    Microserver Based Surveillance System Combines Scalable Ceph Storage And Nx Server VMS system
    16 Jul, 2020

    Server-based Surveillance System Introduction The components of a digital surveillance system include IP cameras, storage systems, and video management software to record and manage the live and recorded video. There are generally two types of surveillance systems; the Embedded system based NVR or server-based VMS. Compare to the embedded system NVR, server-based VMS provides much flexibility, scalability, and intelligence. A larger-scale surveillance system will usually choose the server-based VMS solution. Server-based VMS recording software can run on Linux or Windows-based servers that have an internal disk array for recorded video. Or, VMS servers do recording jobs only and store video to an external storage system. The secondary solution offers better flexibility because of the scales of the recording server and storage server are independent. If you have a new requirement for adding more cameras or storage capacity, you can add servers for the new requirement.

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    Ambedded releases the Ceph Management GUI UVS manager 2.14.17
    23 Jun, 2020

    We are glad to announce the release of UVS manager v2.14.17, v2.14.17 is our second release of the year 2020. UVS manager supports both community version Ceph on Mars 400PRO and SUSE Enterprise Storage version on Mars 400SES. The highlight of this release is the implementation of RBD mirroring. Ceph supports the RBD mirroring since Ceph Jewel. With RBD Mirroring, users can quickly re-activate the storage service without waiting for the primary site recovers from a disaster.

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    Ambedded and SUSE Partner to Deliver Powerful, Arm-based Ceph Storage Appliance
    17 Jun, 2019

    Today, Ambedded announced it has selected SUSE to power its Enterprise Software Storage appliance solution. The Ambedded microserver, based on the Arm®v8-A architecture, and Ceph management GUI will be integrated with SUSE Enterprise Storage 6 as a turnkey storage solution, reducing the total cost of ownership and shortening the time-to-market for scalable Ceph storage appliances. The solution also aims to reduce barrier-to-entry for organizations that intend to deploy Ceph clusters with limited engineering resources.

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SUSE enterprise storage system on ARM | Ambedded

Located in Taiwan since 2013, Ambedded Technology Co., LTD. has been a block and object storage solutions provider. Their major data storage management include, Ceph storage technology, ARM server integration, Software-defined storage, Enterprise storage optimization, Ceph appliance cost savings, storage management software and block and object storage solutions. They provider professional Ceph support, scalable storage systems with high storage efficiency in the data center.

Ambedded offers cutting-edge Ceph storage solutions on ARM microservers, tailored for B2B buyers seeking to optimize their enterprise storage systems. Our turnkey Ceph appliances reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) and simplify storage management, supporting block, file system, and object storage in a unified platform. With a commitment to innovation and customer support, Ambedded is your trusted partner for scalable and efficient SUSE Enterprise Storage Appliance solutions. Experience seamless integration and professional support to leverage the full potential of Ceph technology in your business.

Ambedded has been providing customers with scalable storage systems and cost-effective Ceph storage management since 2013, and with both advanced technology and 20 years of experience, Ambedded ensures that each customer's needs are met.