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Ceph turkey solution integrates arm server platform, optimized ceph storage and ceph GUI management (UVS manager). | SUSE Storage - Enterprise-Grade Solutions

Ceph turkey solution integrates arm server platform, optimized ceph storage and ceph GUI management (UVS manager).

Ceph Storage Hardware Appliance


Ambedded UniVirStor (UVS) is a whole software pack that includes Linux, Ceph, and Ceph management GUI (UVS Manager). UniVirStor simplifies the deployment, management, operation, and maintenance of Ceph cluster applications.

In addition, Ambedded provides customers with consultancy and technical support during the product life cycle. The products include three years of professional service from planning to deployment and operation.

Ambedded Ceph storage appliance is a turnkey solution integrated Arm server platform, optimized ceph community version, top on ceph management GUI for easy operation, together with software support service.

Total Cost Saving

UniVirStor utilizes open-source software-defined storage software Ceph. Ambedded tightly integrates Ceph with Arm servers to save your capital investment and valuable core engineering resources. Our UniVirStor Manager Ceph management GUI automates the management to save your IT administrator’s efforts. UniVirStor offers you the storage system that covers the need for block storage, shared file system, and object storage at a lower cost on expense and operation.

Reliable and No Single Point of Failure

UniVirStor de-centralized microserver is purpose-built for the distributed storage cluster. Our Arm microserver hosts only one data disk and a dedicated SSD for OSD acceleration, unlike traditional servers. A microserver that failed in an appliance will only affect a single data disk and not stop the whole server. Every single node has a much higher MTBF compared to the conventional server. As a result, UniVirStor has the smallest failure domain and is less likely to fail.

Data Protection

Data is priceless. UniVirStor protects your data in many ways. It uses replication or erasure coding plus distributes data to software-defined failure domains. Thanks to the intelligent distributed algorism, your data is protested against the server nodes' failure. You also get disaster protection by replicating or sync data to other Ceph clusters in other locations.

The Ceph Management User Interface - UVS Manager

Ambedded converts our rich experiences into our Ceph management software, the UVS manager. It automates the processes of deployment, monitoring and operation. Users of UniVirStor benefit from the powerful enterprise class Ceph storage by using our easy-to-use web user interface.

Scalable On Demand

Predicting the future demand is difficult, and it is always hard to catch up with the business changes. You no longer need to predict the future. UniVirStor can scale its capacity and performance without stopping the service by adding more servers. You can quickly deploy a Ceph storage cluster starting from just two appliances up to thousands of nodes. The total capacity and aggregated performance will grow according to the number of servers you add to the cluster.

Software Upgrade Without Disruption

The complete software stack of the UniVirStor Ceph appliance includes the Linux kernel, root filesystem, storage and management software. Upgrading the whole software stack without disrupting your service is always a challenge. For every new release, UVS Manager customize and automates the update task to ensure your service is up during the upgrade.

Ceph Storage Hardware Appliance

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HDD Ceph Storage Appliance - HDD OSD ceph storage, able to provide scale out big size capacity ceph cluster for applications such as archive or backup use case.
HDD Ceph Storage Appliance

Ceph storage could have different OSD disk types for different use scenarios. For large capacity...

NVME All Flash Ceph Storage Appliance - NVMe OSD ceph storage, a basic cluster with 3 of Mars 500 providing IOPS starting from 155K read and 33K write performance.
NVME All Flash Ceph Storage Appliance

Ambedded Ceph storage appliance is also designed to meet high-performance cloud-native data...

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Ceph Storage Hardware Appliance | Ceph storage appliance for enterprise | Ambedded

Located in Taiwan since 2013, Ambedded Technology Co., LTD. has been a block and object storage solutions provider. Their major data storage management include, Ceph Storage Hardware Appliance, Ceph storage technology, ARM server integration, Software-defined storage, Enterprise storage optimization, Ceph appliance cost savings, storage management software and block and object storage solutions. They provider professional Ceph support, scalable storage systems with high storage efficiency in the data center.

Ambedded offers cutting-edge Ceph storage solutions on ARM microservers, tailored for B2B buyers seeking to optimize their enterprise storage systems. Our turnkey Ceph appliances reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) and simplify storage management, supporting block, file system, and object storage in a unified platform. With a commitment to innovation and customer support, Ambedded is your trusted partner for scalable and efficient SUSE Enterprise Storage Appliance solutions. Experience seamless integration and professional support to leverage the full potential of Ceph technology in your business.

Ambedded has been providing customers with scalable storage systems and cost-effective Ceph storage management since 2013, and with both advanced technology and 20 years of experience, Ambedded ensures that each customer's needs are met.