Ambedded / Ambedded was founded in 2013 with the talented team experienced in ARM based software defined storage appliance design and manufacture.

Ambedded offers Ceph storage solution to the market, including Ceph storage Appliance on ARM microservers and SUSE Enterprise Storage Appliance on ARM microservers. In addition to Ceph solution, Ambedded also offers comprehensive Ceph software support to the customer, to help the unexperienced users to adopt this new technology without hesitations.

Open hour : 9am-6pm

Ambedded Technology Co., LTD.

Use Case

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Use Mars 400 Ceph Storage in Edge Datacenter

Many industries view data as their most valuable resource. However, very few of them have well explored and analyzed their data most efficiently before...

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Use Mars 400 Ceph for Disk to Disk Backup, RGW Multisite Disaster Recovery

What are the concerns on most IT users when they are planning their enterprise disk to disk backup system? Scalability: The storage size won't remain at a fixed...

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Use Cephfs and S3 for Medical Application

A UK Medical customers wanted to facilitate their data sharing without relying on the public cloud service. Due to data sensitivity, public cloud services...

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Use Ceph for OpenStack Environment

Ceph is the most popular choice for OpenStack backend storage solution. It is an extensively scalable, available, and cost-effective cloud solution, comparing...

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Use Ceph as iSCSI Storage with Hyper-V

Customer who is not ready to move to a Linux-based infrastructure could also enjoy the benefit of Ceph software-defined storage powered by Mars 400 Ceph...

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Container Persistent Storage

While Kubernetes is beneficial in scalability, portability, and management, it does not support storing state. Almost all production applications, such...

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Veeam backup and archive to work with Ceph

This case study explains how to use the Mars 400 ceph storage appliance as the backup repositories of Veeam backup and replication. Ceph supports object...

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Ambedded Introduction

Ambedded Technology Co., LTD. is Taiwan supplier and manufacturer in Distributed cloud storage and computing provider. Ambedded has been offering our customers high quality Ceph cluster, Ceph storage appliance, SUSE Enterprise Storage, ARM Storage, Kubernetes Storage, Software-Defined Storage, ARM server, SUSE 3 years Subscription, Distributed storage on ARM, Start ceph cluster in 3x 1U chassis since 2013. With both advanced technology and 20 years experience, Ambedded always make sure to meet each customer's demand.