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The Ceph File System CephFS is a POSIX Compliant file system | High-Performance Ceph Appliances

The Ceph File System CephFS is a POSIX Compliant file system

Ceph File System

The Ceph File System (CephFS) is a POSIX-compliant file system built on top of Ceph’s distributed object store, RADOS. CephFS provides a state-of-the-art, multi-use, highly available, and performant file store for a variety of applications, including traditional use-cases like shared home directories, HPC scratch space, and distributed workflow shared storage. Workloads may linearly scale with the size of the underlying RADOS object store; that is, there is no gateway or broker mediating data I/O for clients.

Scale-out NAS, Network Attached Storage

Distributed File System

Ceph File System stores file data and metadata in separate RADOS pools. CephFS serves clients metadata via the metadata server (MDS) cluster. MDS cluster can scale to support higher metadata workloads by adding new metadata servers.
The file system clients can access the distributed storage pool directly for reading and writing file data objects without accessing through a controller.
The cluster of MDS coordinates the accessing data and serves as authorities for the state of the distributed metadata cache, which is cooperatively maintained by clients and MDS. Mutations to metadata are aggregated by each MDS into a series of efficient writes to a journal on RADOS; no metadata state is stored locally by the MDS. This model allows for coherent and rapid collaboration between clients within the context of a POSIX file system.


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The Ceph file system is a scalable POSIX compatible clustered file system. It supports multiple active and standby metadata servers. The file system client talk to Ceph MDS and OSD directly to provide high-performance service.

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Ceph File System | ARM microserver Ceph storage solutions | Ambedded

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