UniVirStor, the Ceph Storage Software Appliance is available now | ARM microserver Ceph storage solutions | Ambedded

This software-only solution offers scalable and highly available Ceph storage, an intuitive UVS Web UI, and Ceph expert consultancy and support. | User-Friendly Ceph Management Interface

This software-only solution offers scalable and highly available Ceph storage, an intuitive UVS Web UI, and Ceph expert consultancy and support.

UniVirStor, the Ceph Storage Software Appliance is available now

Ambedded unveils UniVirStor, a revolutionary Ceph-based software-defined storage solution, addressing evolving customer needs for hardware flexibility. This software-only solution offers scalable and highly available Ceph storage, an intuitive UVS Web UI, and expert consultancy and support for Ceph. UniVirStor represents a paradigm shift, providing enterprises with all-inclusive software stacks for seamless and cost-effective software-defined storage deployment.

05 Jan, 2024 Ambedded

A global leader in Ceph storage innovations, proudly announces the much-anticipated release of UniVirStor Ceph Software Appliance. With over ten years of unparalleled expertise, Ambedded has been at the forefront of delivering Ceph storage solutions globally.

Unlocking the Power of Ceph: A Unified Storage Service

Ceph stands as the industry's go-to open-source software, seamlessly providing a unified storage service with object, block, and file interfaces from a single cluster constructed from commodity hardware components. Ambedded's track record in providing Ceph storage appliance solutions has garnered global acclaim, with customers praising the convenience, robust management software, and top-tier support services offered by their turn-key appliance solutions.

Responding to Customer Needs: Introducing UniVirStor Ceph Software Appliance Solution

Listening to the evolving demands of storage professionals, Ambedded is thrilled to announce the general availability of the UniVirStor Ceph Appliance software-only solution. While traditional appliances present compelling advantages, Ambedded recognizes the need for enhanced flexibility, allowing customers to choose hardware and processor vendors that align with their specific requirements.

UniVirStor (UVS): Redefining Software-Defined Storage

UniVirStor is more than just a software platform; it represents a paradigm shift in scalable, highly available, software-defined storage based on Ceph. The comprehensive UniVirStor package equips enterprises with all the necessary software stacks to effortlessly deploy and manage software-defined storage at an affordable cost. This inclusive solution comprises Linux, Ceph software, UVS Web UI, software updates tool, consultancy, and professional support.

Key Features of UniVirStor:
  • Scalable and Highly Available:UniVirStor empowers enterprises with a storage solution that scales seamlessly with business growth while ensuring high availability.
  • All-Inclusive Package: UniVirStor offers a complete package, streamlining the deployment and management of software-defined storage for enhanced convenience and cost-effectiveness.
  • Innovative Web UI:Take control of your storage environment with the user-friendly UVS Web UI, offering intuitive management and customization options.
  • Expert Consultancy and Support: UniVirStor is backed by a team of storage professionals provide expert consultancy and unwavering support to ensure the success of your storage journey.

Ambedded invites IT professionals to embrace the future of storage solutions with UniVirStor. The software-only solution is now globally available, marking a new era in flexible, scalable, and cost-effective storage management. For more information, visit www.ambedded.com.tw or contact Ambedded for a free trial.


Unlock the power of ceph storage by using Ambedded Ceph Storage Software Appliance

Ceph Storage Appliance

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UniVirStor, the Ceph Storage Software Appliance is available now | UVS Manager - Simplifying Ceph Deployment | Ambedded

Located in Taiwan since 2013, Ambedded Technology Co., LTD. has been a block and object storage solutions provider. Their major data storage management include, Ceph storage technology, ARM server integration, Software-defined storage, Enterprise storage optimization, Ceph appliance cost savings, storage management software and block and object storage solutions. They provider professional Ceph support, scalable storage systems with high storage efficiency in the data center.

Ambedded offers cutting-edge Ceph storage solutions on ARM microservers, tailored for B2B buyers seeking to optimize their enterprise storage systems. Our turnkey Ceph appliances reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) and simplify storage management, supporting block, file system, and object storage in a unified platform. With a commitment to innovation and customer support, Ambedded is your trusted partner for scalable and efficient SUSE Enterprise Storage Appliance solutions. Experience seamless integration and professional support to leverage the full potential of Ceph technology in your business.

Ambedded has been providing customers with scalable storage systems and cost-effective Ceph storage management since 2013, and with both advanced technology and 20 years of experience, Ambedded ensures that each customer's needs are met.