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Mars 400 is a Ceph appliance with performance & stability tuning | High-Performance Ceph Appliances

Mars 400 is a Ceph appliance with performance & stability tuning

Appliance Tuning

Ceph was designed to run on commodity hardware, which makes building and maintaining petabyte-scale data clusters economically feasible. When planning out your cluster hardware, you have to balance several considerations, including failure domains and potential performance issues. However, the performance and stability of a production cluster are tightly related to the integration of Linux kernel, Linux distribution, hardware configurations, and Ceph. Enterprise storage is mission-critical. Untuned integration may embed inherent stability and performance issues.
Tuning Ceph, Linux kernel, and hardware configurations to get stable and outstanding performance requires experienced engineers and much of the time.

Ambedded devotes professional resources on the Ceph appliance product for giving customers reliable products. Ambedded tunes and verifies every software upgrade before releasing it.

Appliance Tuning | ARM microserver Ceph storage solutions | Ambedded

Located in Taiwan since 2013, Ambedded Technology Co., LTD. has been a block and object storage solutions provider. Their major data storage management include, Ceph storage technology, ARM server integration, Software-defined storage, Enterprise storage optimization, Ceph appliance cost savings, storage management software and block and object storage solutions. They provider professional Ceph support, scalable storage systems with high storage efficiency in the data center.

Ambedded offers cutting-edge Ceph storage solutions on ARM microservers, tailored for B2B buyers seeking to optimize their enterprise storage systems. Our turnkey Ceph appliances reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) and simplify storage management, supporting block, file system, and object storage in a unified platform. With a commitment to innovation and customer support, Ambedded is your trusted partner for scalable and efficient SUSE Enterprise Storage Appliance solutions. Experience seamless integration and professional support to leverage the full potential of Ceph technology in your business.

Ambedded has been providing customers with scalable storage systems and cost-effective Ceph storage management since 2013, and with both advanced technology and 20 years of experience, Ambedded ensures that each customer's needs are met.