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Ceph RBD mirroring between datacenters, site to site backup for openstack cloud | Compact, Efficient ARM Storage Solutions

Ceph RBD mirroring between datacenters, site to site backup for openstack cloud

DataComm Enables Ceph With OpenStack for its Cloud Service

Datacomm is Leading system integrator for government projects and big enterprises such as Telecom, ISP in Indonesia. Expand business to public cloud service to Enterprises by using OpenStack, VMware & KVM. Offering a friendly cloud service to Enterprises Indonesian, support customer to migrate their IT infrastructure to cloud without barrier. Long term goal to support Indonesia 4.0 national vision by providing nation-wide reliable, dependable and secure cloud Infrastructure.


As DataComm Cloud is offering a new cloud service to the target market, the challenges are how to provide a competitive cloud service compared to the market giants such as Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Cloud Service. Operating VMware cloud for more than five years and running Kubernetes cloud already, DataComm Cloud was also looking for extending their cloud service with OpenStack for enterprises in Indonesia. Their OpenStack operation requires the use of block storage and object storage. If they choose a storage design where the block and object storage come from different storage systems, this will add complexity for monitoring, managing, and future support capabilities.

Also, the cloud infrastructure and the application requirement will likely scale out along with the actual business need. Application and users will consume more capacity over time, and therefore the anticipated storage capacity might not be able to 100% meet the original plan. In addition, DataComm Cloud is not only operating one datacenter but up to 4 different datacenters, to provide high reliability, high availability, data security, and edge cloud service to enterprises all over Indonesia, With frequent happened power shortages suddenly in the country, it's important to consider data backup and disaster recovery ability among the current 4 datacenters, which may extend to 5 or 6 data centers very quickly.

Furthermore, the DataComm IT team pays lots of attention to Power Usage Efficiency (PUE) since they own more than one datacenter facility, and the new DCs are already on the plan. All the incoming datacenter build-up shall set PUE as mandatory criteria for equipment arrangement.


Considering the OpenStack infrastructure and the potential blooming cloud business, the DataComm Cloud team takes more than one year to evaluate the right solution on the backend storage to OpenStack.

For storage needs, OpenStack cloud architects usually choose Ceph as the storage system for its scalability, flexibility, rich native support, and high availability. Also, Ceph storage is the most popular open-source software-defined storage in recent years.

With Ceph, users get all the benefits of open-source software. It supports multiple protocols such as object storage, block storage, and file system. With Ceph, OpenStack got what it requires to run with predictable performance and reliable integration.


There are many options to have Ceph storage, DataComm Cloud could choose to deploy and manage the ceph cluster by their engineers or choose one Ceph storage vendor to provide the service.

Ambedded offers a Ceph storage appliance solution to the datacenters and enterprises. This solution is for the IT users who intend to deploy a Ceph cluster but without an experienced team to have initial deployment, optimize configuration, and maintain daily operation.

The Ceph Appliance is a turnkey solution integrated with ARM-based micro-servers, Ceph storage software (optimized to adapted micro-server architecture), and web-based GUI management ("UVS Manager"). This solution facilitates non-experienced Ceph users to deploy, configure and manage Ceph clusters without an entry barrier.


Ambedded offer

How it works to benefit

Tuned and optimized for ceph

The hardware server's kernel and OS been tuned & optimized for ceph storage use, users can enjoy a reliable ceph cluster without worrying the hardware server.

Management software tool - UVS Manager

An intuitive web-based GUI to help IT user to deploy, configure, manage and monitor the ceph cluster in an ease.

One station ceph storage support & service

Ambedded expert team to assist IT users to deploy, configure, manage and Troubleshooting ceph related requests.

Storage expansion in some simple clicks

The turnkey appliance solution simplify the steps to scale out ceph storage by just adding more units and use UVS manager to complete the scale-out procedure.

Efficiency & Sustainability

Arm-based microserver with de-centralized hardware architecture. 1x OSD vs. 1x Micro-server, working with dedicated hardware resources, to provide superior performance & high resilience on ceph cluster design.

Cost efficient on operation and environment friendly (high density & low power)

The Arm-based microserver hardware platform working efficiently with extreme power saving. Saving more than 60% of energy comparing to other servers in the market.


The Datacomm Cloud has deployed three Ceph clusters across three datacenters using the Ambedded Mars 400 Ceph storage appliance. Each Ceph cluster has mixed SSD OSD & HDD OSD for different performance purposes use. Mainly for the RBD use by OpenStack Cinder and Glance. The three datacenters have a backup for each other with high availability, so the enterprise customer would not worry if any sudden disasters cause data loss. With the Ambedded Mars 400PRO Ceph appliance, the Datacomm Cloud team doesn't need to start a large cluster to run with their OpenStack IAAS, simply four units per site to start the operation with their availability concerns. The future capacity & performance requirement can be scale-out by adding more Ceph appliances simply. Also, thanks to the low-power design on this Arm-based microserver, each cluster consumes less than 500Watts per site, showing a significant power saving compared to run a Ceph cluster on traditional servers in the same Ceph capacity.

DataComm Enables Ceph With OpenStack For Its Cloud Service
DataComm Enables Ceph With OpenStack For Its Cloud Service

DataComm Cloud Enables Ceph Storage With OpenStack For Its Cloud Service To Enterprises In Indonesia


DataComm Enables Ceph With OpenStack for its Cloud Service | Cost-effective Ceph storage management | Ambedded

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