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A ceph storage software package, including OS, kernel, ceph storage, cluster GUI management, ceph professional support and consultancy and SW upgrade | Ceph storage appliance integrates tuned software stack and purpose-designed Arm server offers outstanding performance, reliability, web UI, and TCO reduction.

Ceph Storage Software Appliance - A ceph storage software package, including OS, kernel, ceph storage, cluster GUI management, ceph professional support and consultancy and SW upgrade
  • Ceph Storage Software Appliance - A ceph storage software package, including OS, kernel, ceph storage, cluster GUI management, ceph professional support and consultancy and SW upgrade

Ceph Storage Software Appliance


Revolutionize your storage infrastructure with Ambedded Technology's cutting-edge Ceph storage software appliance. Designed for enterprises seeking a seamless transition to a software-defined storage solution, our comprehensive software stack encompasses the kernel, operating system, Ceph community version, and a user-friendly Ceph GUI management system developed by Ambedded.

Choose the freedom to run this powerful software stack on your preferred server platform, Ambedded also offers Ceph professional services and consultancy to ensure a tailored solution that meets customers unique needs. Additionally, benefit from hassle-free software upgrades with our comprehensive SW upgrade package

Key Features of UniVirStor
Scalable and Highly AvailableUniVirStor empowers enterprises with a storage solution that scales seamlessly with business growth while ensuring high availability.
Scalable and Highly Available: Comprehensive and Seamlessly Integrated Software StackImmediately usable post-installation, eliminating the need for administrators to spend extensive time debugging and resolving software stack dependencies, including kernel, OS, storage software, and UI.
Standardized Server Software EnvironmentEstablishes a consistent software environment across servers supporting both x86 and Arm architectures.
Innovative Web UITake control of your storage environment with the user-friendly UVS Web UI, offering intuitive management and customization options.
Guided Automated DeploymentAchieve complete cluster deployment within 30 minutes.
Support for Web UI and CLI Operation InterfacesOffers flexibility with both graphical and command-line interfaces.
Centralized Management InterfaceOne-stop interface for streamlined management.
Built-in Maintenance ToolsIncludes Grafana dashboard, NTP, email alerts, and logs for efficient maintenance.
Support for Various ProtocolsFacilitates diverse storage solutions with support for RBD, CephFS, S3, iSCSI, NFS, and SMB.
Cluster Host ManagementSimplifies overall cluster management.
Editable Disk Panel ConfigurationAllows easy editing of the disk panel configuration on the UI based on the actual server disk setup, enhancing operational efficiency.
Quick Disk Information QueryEnables rapid retrieval of disk information for effective monitoring and maintenance.
Expert Consultancy and SupportUniVirStor is backed by Ambedded storage professionals, providing expert consultancy and unwavering support to ensure the success of your storage journey.
Effortless Ceph Cluster Management with UVS Manager
Hardware SupportsSupport x86-64 and Arm architectures. Any brand, Any model. No vendor lock-in
Host ManagementProvide cluster-wide hardware inventory information
Disk Drive Panel
  • The drive panel on the WEB UI provides rich information about the drive and OSD.
  • Easy to locate and replace the drive.
  • Users can customize the disk panel to match the server hardware.
  • Deployment
  • Deploy the cluster with the WEB UI guide in a few minutes
  • Deploy service: including monitors, OSD, MDS, gateways, NTP, Prometheus, and Grafana
  • Cluster ManagementManage the cluster via Ambedded UVS manager, Ceph dashboard, and CLI
    Scale-outAdding hosts and drives to scale out the cluster with a few clicks.
    Data EncryptionEnable client transparent data encryption stored in disks.
    Data Protection
  • Manage replicate and erasure code pool for various applications
  • Define erasure code profile with flexible failure domain
  • Define your data placement via the graphical CRUSH map, rules, and bucket name according to your infrastructure scale.
  • Move your CRUSH buckets inside the cluster hierarchy.
  • Storage Pool Management
  • Create replica/erasure code pools
  • Edit quota, failure domain
  • Data Compress
  • Add/remove cache tier
  • Storage Access ControlAdministrate clients' access via CephX authentication
    Block Storage
  • Block device: create/delete, edit, size, ACL
  • iSCSI: Support VMWare/Windows via High Available iSCSI LUN and ACL
  • Snapshot: Config single and scheduled automatic snapshot
  • Disaster Recovery: Mirror block device to remote sites
            - Config mirror schedule
            - Manage failover and failback
  • POXIS File System
  • Create CephFS POSIX file system
  • Create and Manage MDS
  • NFS sharesHigh available NFS v3 & v4 shares backed by Cephfs or S3
    SMB sharesSMB shares backed by CephFS or RBD
    S3 and Swift Object Storage
  • Deploy high-available S3 and Swift object storage
  • User management
  • Disaster recovery: Support multi-site clusters, failover, and failback
  • WORM: object lock
  • Cloud NativeNative support OpenStack, Kubernetes & CloudStack
    VMWare ESXiUse iSCSI to support VMWare ESXi as a scale-out and high-available storage
    MonitoringEmail alert, Prometheus, Grafana Dashboard
    Cluster Software UpdateAmbedded provides automated update packages for kernel, Linux, Ceph, security, and UVS manager software
    Other ManagementAudit log, UVS manager log, and user management
    Bcache Management
  • Add NVMe bcache to HDD for accelerating performance
  • Plan: edit and view plan before create bcache
  • Create and remove the bcache
  • Text UI
  • Network configuration
  • Restor host to clear configuration to default
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    Ambedded Ceph storage solutions
    Ambedded Ceph storage solutions

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    Ceph Storage Software Appliance | Turnkey Ceph appliance provider | Ambedded

    Located in Taiwan since 2013, Ambedded Technology Co., LTD. has been a block and object storage solutions provider. Their major data storage management include, Ceph Storage Software Appliance, Ceph storage technology, ARM server integration, Software-defined storage, Enterprise storage optimization, Ceph appliance cost savings, storage management software and block and object storage solutions. They provider professional Ceph support, scalable storage systems with high storage efficiency in the data center.

    Ambedded offers cutting-edge Ceph storage solutions on ARM microservers, tailored for B2B buyers seeking to optimize their enterprise storage systems. Our turnkey Ceph appliances reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) and simplify storage management, supporting block, file system, and object storage in a unified platform. With a commitment to innovation and customer support, Ambedded is your trusted partner for scalable and efficient SUSE Enterprise Storage Appliance solutions. Experience seamless integration and professional support to leverage the full potential of Ceph technology in your business.

    Ambedded has been providing customers with scalable storage systems and cost-effective Ceph storage management since 2013, and with both advanced technology and 20 years of experience, Ambedded ensures that each customer's needs are met.