Ambedded Releases The Ceph Management GUI UVS Manager 2.16.19 with Ceph Pacific

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Ambedded Releases The Ceph Management GUI UVS Manager 2.16.19 with Ceph Pacific

Ambedded announces the release of UVS Manager v2.16.19 for Ceph storage appliance.

07 Oct, 2021 Ambedded

Version 2.16.19 is the first release of UVS manager for Ceph Pacific. Due to the coming CentOS 8 phased out. We modified a significant portion of UVS codes to replace CentOS 8 to Ubuntu 18.04.LTS and upgrade Ceph to v16.2.5 Pacific.
This release also provides the new snapshot based RBD mirroring deployment and management. This improves the user experience on both RBD mirroring management and its performance.
The UVS v2.16.19 includes an automatic updater to replace the Linux and upgrade your Ceph cluster to Pacific without interrupting your storage service.
Customers can keep using the UVS v2.15.18 (Ceph Octopus) or upgrade it to this new release. If you are using the earlier UVS version, you have to upgrade v2.15.18 before you can upgrade to v2.16.19.

For more details, please refer to the v2.16.19 release notes for details.

What's New in Ceph Pacific

Please refer to Ceph Pacific release notes.

What's new in Ambedded UVS Manager v2.16.19
  • Ceph Version: 16.2.5 (Pacific)
  • Operating System
  • ੦ Upgrade Linux to Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS
    ੦ Kernel upgrade to 5.4.119
  • Deployment & Management:
  • ੦ Modify the UVS manager to meet the requirement of deploying ceph Pacific.
    ੦ Modify the UVS manager to adopt the change of Ceph Pacific.
    ੦ Modify the console RESTORE function to meet the need of Ceph Pacific.
    ੦ Add a local docker registry container to support the deployment of Ceph services in the environment without an internet connection.
    ੦ Change the container engine from podman to docker.
    ੦ Add date update to node restore function to avoid a restore failure due to node RTC having a large time shift.
  • Network Configuration:
  • ੦ We recommend using separated Ceph cluster and public networks to get better performance for the new deployment. If you are using a combined network and want to adjust the network, please contact Ambedded for support.
  • OSD: Tuning OSD-related configurations to get better performance.
  • RBD Mirroring:
  • ੦ Modify the RBD mirroring feature in the UVS manager to support snapshot-based mirroring.
    ੦ Add snapshot schedule management.
    ੦ Modify Ceph Pool and Image page with additional RBD mirroring status.
  • Ceph File System: Create subvolume group and subvolume after creating CephFS for the client to mount.

For the customers who want to upgrade to UVS manager v2.16.19, please review the upgrade guide on  v2.16.19 release notes.

UniVirStor Manager v2.16.19 Release Notes
UniVirStor Manager v2.16.19 Release Notes

UVS Manager v2.16.19 Release Notes

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