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different use cases with Ceph, and how to implement it


Ceph is unified storage, support block, object, and file system. We are glad to share the different scenarios on using ceph storage, such as mini ceph cluster in the edge datacenter, working with Veeam for backup and archive purposes, RGW multisite for disaster recovery, how to use ceph mirroring to protect data against ransomware, also providing ceph storage for OpenStack cloud and K8S.

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Ceph Storage for Multi-Access Edge Computing

MEC utilizes the 5G technology and deploys the edge datacenter close to the applications to increase the throughput and reduce the latency for accessing...

Use Mars 400 Ceph for Disk to Disk Backup, RGW Multisite Disaster Recovery

What are the concerns on most IT users when they are planning their enterprise disk to disk backup system? Scalability: The storage size won't remain at a fixed...

How Mars 400 Ceph Storage Protects Enterprise Data Against Ransomware

Recently we heard many hackers hijacked enterprise storage by encrypting their data and asking ransom payment to decrypt them. By 2021, ransomware will...

Use Ceph for OpenStack Environment

Ceph is the most popular choice for OpenStack backend storage solution. It is an extensively scalable, available, and cost-effective cloud solution, comparing...

Container Persistent Storage

While Kubernetes is beneficial in scalability, portability, and management, it does not support storing state. Almost all production applications, such...

Veeam backup and archive to work with Ceph

This case study explains how to use the Mars 400 ceph storage appliance as the backup repositories of Veeam backup and replication. Ceph supports object...

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Ambedded - A professional Ceph storage solution to the market.

Located in Taiwan since 2013, Ambedded Technology Co., LTD. is a Ceph storage solution provider that offers ARM based software defined storage appliances with 60% CapEX saving, 70% less power consumption and 100% scale out advantages.

For Software-defined storage designing and manufacturing, Ambedded team has broad experience to help customers to adopt the ceph solution into versatile industries, such as Telecom, medical, military, edge datacenter and HA required enterprise storage.

Ambedded has been offering customers Ceph storage solutions since 2013, both advanced technology and 20 years of experience, Ambedded ensures each customer's demands are met.