Use Cephfs and S3 for Medical Application / Ambedded was founded in 2013 with the talented team experienced in ARM based software defined storage appliance design and manufacture.

Ambedded Use Cephfs and S3 for Medical Application Introduction. Ambedded was founded in 2013 with the talented team experienced in ARM based software defined storage appliance design and manufacture.. Ambedded offers Ceph storage solution to the market, including Ceph storage Appliance on ARM microservers and SUSE Enterprise Storage Appliance on ARM microservers. In addition to Ceph solution, Ambedded also offers comprehensive Ceph software support to the customer, to help the unexperienced users to adopt this new technology without hesitations.

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Medical customers use cephfs and S3 backed by Ceph as an on-premise solution.

Use Cephfs and S3 for Medical Application

A UK Medical customers wanted to facilitate their data sharing without relying on the public cloud service. Due to data sensitivity, public cloud services usually are out of the question to be considered in the healthcare industry.

The storage system shall be highly available and cost-effective. It shall also be a highly secure, shareable cloud storage for sharing data between medical researchers and scientists. They choose the Ceph file system and S3 compatible object storage to meet these requirements.

Diagnostic radiology exams, ultrasound, and MRI scans generate a massive quantity of data quickly. The traditional NAS storage could not meet the growth of medical data applications. Managing multiple NAS systems and migrating data is costly. These tasks reduce a lot of service productivity.

Using the on-premise Ceph filesystem and S3 cloud storage allows researchers sharing the biodata safely without the security issue. Data security facilitates the workflow of medical staff and research, so they could more concentrate on their job.

Following is a use case using Ceph on Radiology big data service.

The customer starts with a primary Mars 400 Ceph cluster with three Mars 400 appliances. The cluster has mixed SSD OSD and HDD OSD with a total of 100TB HDD & 50 TB SSD raw capacity.
They use Cephfs for internal staff file sharing and RGW over ceph to provide on-premise S3 cloud storage.

Mars 400 Ceph storage appliance powered by ARM micro-server hardware has been tested and optimized for Ceph and SUSE Enterprise Storage. The appliance solution for Ceph reduces the risk and speeding up the deployment on ceph storage.

Customers could quickly start a Ceph cluster with just three 1U appliances, and scale-out the capacity and performance on demand.
With Mars 400 ceph appliance and Mars 400 SUSE enterprise storage, Customers could rapidly build a ceph cluster without breaking their bank.

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Ambedded Use Cephfs and S3 for Medical Application Introduction

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