Use Ceph as iSCSI Storage with Hyper-V

Use MPIO ISCSI storage with Hyper-V for 2 sites High Availability.

Use MPIO ISCSI storage with Hyper-V for 2 sites High Availability.

Use Ceph as iSCSI Storage with Hyper-V

Customer who is not ready to move to a Linux-based infrastructure could also enjoy the benefit of Ceph software-defined storage powered by Mars 400 Ceph appliance.
Users who are using VMware or Microsoft Hyper-V for in their IT environment could use Ceph storage via the iSCSI interface.

Using Ceph cluster across 2 site to provide iSCSI Service Flexible CRUSH Map setting to allow customer to use just 6 units of Mars 400 across 2 locations for its ISCSI service

A government agency uses Ambedded Ceph Storage Appliances as the backend storage pool of Microsoft Hyper-V is a use case of using Ceph with ISCSi.

The customer uses Microsoft Hyper-V as their Hypervisor. SAN storage was their storage for the Hyper-V.
Their data proliferate out of expectation. The customer is eager to find a storage solution that can deliver highly available, scalable, and resilient with a limited budget. The solution should seamlessly adapt to their changing capacity & performance requirements.

In this case, Ambedded helps the customer to deploy a ceph cluster with six Mars Appliances. There are three units installed on each site.
● The customer owns two data centers located in two cities.
● There is a 10Gbps ethernet network between the data centers.
● Both of datacenter has Hyper-V hosts to provide virtual machine service.
● We install one ISCSi Gateway on each site.
● Three appliances are deployed on each location as a single Ceph cluster. The CRUSH map of these six appliances is configured as four virtual racks. Each site has two virtual racks.
● The failure domain of CRUSH rule is set as the virtual rack. The data protection method is replica 3 to ensure that one or two replications are stored in either data center.
● If one of the two sites crashes completely, there is no data loss risk.

With the advantages of Ambedded Arm-based microserver architecture, this customer achieves the goal of using the high availability, fully redundant, and scalable software-defined storage within the customer's budget.

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