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Mars 200 8-node ARM based Micro Server Cluster


Mars 200 8-node ARM based Micro Server Cluster

No: Mars 200

ARM-Based Micro Server




icon < 100 Watts power consumption (exclude HDD & SSD)
icon 8 x dual core ARM servers
icon 8 x SATA 6Gbps HDD and SSD
icon Dual 2.5Gbps in cluster network
icon Dual 2 x10Gbps uplink network
icon Pre-install optimized Ceph software supports object, block and share file storage
icon Support OpenStack storage and S3 API




Microserver - 8 x Marvell Armada 385 Dual ARM v7 Core 1.6 GHz Microserver
- Microserver
  ‧ Memory: 2G Byte DDR3 SDRAM
  ‧ 2 x 2.5 Giga bps Ethernet
  ‧ 2 x SATA 3.0 (6 Gbps)
  ‧ Internal RTC
  ‧ 8GByte flash storage for application software, file system, kernel and u-boot
Storage Each microserver interface to one 3.5" SATA HDD and M.2 SATA solid sate disk
Network - Dual hot-swap in chassis switch controller
- Dual 2x10 Gbps uplink network
- Each in-chassis switch contains
  ‧ 8 x 2.5Giga bps network links to 8x microservers
  ‧ 2 x 10Gbps uplink network provide 20Gbps bandwidth for 8x 2.5Gbps network from microservers
  ‧ Support SFP+ and 10G base-T media with auto-media detection
  ‧ 1 x Gbps out-of-band management port

Baseboard Management Controller (BMC)

- 1 x 100Mbps Ethernet out-of-band port
- Functions:
  ‧ Microserver Console over Ethernet
  ‧ Reset specified Microserver
  ‧ Control microserver power ON/OFF
  ‧ Detect the presence of microserver
  ‧ Control system power ON/OFF
  ‧ Reset In-chassis switch
  ‧ UID LED blink/off
Power Consumption < 100 Watts (exclude hard disk and SSD)
Power Supply 300 Watts 80 Plus Silver redundant power supply
Dimension - 1U rack mount form factor
- Depth 740 mm
Chassis Front panel board with following function
- 8 green LED for microserver status
- BMC reset switch
- Power ON/OFF switch for power supply
Operation System Linux: Ubuntu and Debian

Software (Optional Pre-installed)

- Object Storage:
  ‧ OpenStack Swift, Cinder, Glance API
  ‧ Amazon S3 API
- Block Storage: iSCSI Target
- File sharing: NFS and SMB/CIFS
Safety CE and FCC class A certified

Operation Temperature and Humidity

15 to 40 Degree Celsius, 20% ~ 80%


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