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Ambedded - A professional Ceph storage solution to the market.

share Ambedded successful story on different ceph storage deployment.

Case Study

With Ambedded global channel partners, we have provided the consulting and ceph deployment service to the IT customers. In this case study chapter, we could see different successful stories with Ambedded Ceph appliance, the challenges that customers were facing with their existing storage devices, the reasons why they have chosen Ceph as a replacement solution, the benefits that come together with ceph, also how do we plan the Ceph cluster for those customers.

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Use Mars 400 Ceph Storage in Edge Datacenter

Many industries view data as their most valuable resource. However, very few of them have well explored and analyzed their data most efficiently before...

DataComm Enables Ceph With OpenStack for its Cloud Service

Datacomm is Leading system integrator for government projects and big enterprises such as Telecom, ISP in Indonesia. Expand business to public cloud service...

Use Cephfs and S3 for Medical Application

A UK Medical customers wanted to facilitate their data sharing without relying on the public cloud service. Due to data sensitivity, public cloud services...

Use Ceph as iSCSI Storage with Hyper-V

Customer who is not ready to move to a Linux-based infrastructure could also enjoy the benefit of Ceph software-defined storage powered by Mars 400 Ceph...

Result 1 - 4 of 4

Ambedded - A professional Ceph storage solution to the market.

Located in Taiwan since 2013, Ambedded Technology Co., LTD. is a Ceph storage solution provider that offers ARM based software defined storage appliances with 60% CapEX saving, 70% less power consumption and 100% scale out advantages.

For Software-defined storage designing and manufacturing, Ambedded team has broad experience to help customers to adopt the ceph solution into versatile industries, such as Telecom, medical, military, edge datacenter and HA required enterprise storage.

Ambedded has been offering customers Ceph storage solutions since 2013, both advanced technology and 20 years of experience, Ambedded ensures each customer's demands are met.