Use Ceph for OpenStack Environment

Ceph offers RBD, CephFS and object storage for OpenStack environment.

Ceph offers RBD, CephFS and object storage for OpenStack environment.

Use Ceph for OpenStack Environment

Ceph is the most popular choice for OpenStack backend storage solution. It is an extensively scalable, available, and cost-effective cloud solution, comparing to the expensive, unable to scale-out storage.

OpenStack Cinder block driver uses Ceph RBD to provide block storage for VM images and volumes. OpenStack is one of the widespread use cases of Mars 400 ceph appliance.
Using Ceph for OpenStack has a proven record in large scale deployment. Ceph provides block, object, and file system storage for various applications on top of the OpenStack platform.

CHT Telecom use Ceph as backend storage for their Openstack IAAS.

A use case of telecom customer owns their OpenStack Cloud for both internal private cloud and external public cloud service. The customer uses the Cinder API to connect Mars 400 & Mars 200 Ceph RBD. OpenStack uses Ceph RBD to provide the VM image and data volume storage services.
Initially, the customer uses only three Mars 200 with HDD OSD to provide OpenStack RBD service via Cinder API.
Each Mars 200 connects to two units of 10Gb top of rack switches via four 10Gbps networks.
One year later, the Ceph cluster expands to three Mars 200 (HDD pool) plus five Mars 400 (SSD pool), to offer the RBD to customer's OpenStack cloud.
With the advantages of easy to scale out, manage, upgrade, maintain, and low power consumption, the telecom customer is happy for using Mars 200 & Mars 400 Ceph appliance for their OpenStack cloud service.


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