Ambedded Technology and GTM Teknoloji Announce Partnership to Deliver Software-Defined Storage Appliances in Turkey. / Alat penyimpanan Ceph mengintegrasikan tumpukan perangkat lunak yang disetel dan server Arm yang dirancang khusus menawarkan kinerja, keandalan, UI web, dan pengurangan TCO yang luar biasa.

Ambedded Technology, produsen alat penyimpanan terdefinisi perangkat lunak terkemuka dengan pengalaman yang kaya di server Ceph dan Arm, dan GTM Teknoloji, penyedia solusi total TI profesional di Turki, mengumumkan kemitraan untuk menghadirkan Penyimpanan yang Ditentukan Perangkat Lunak cloud-native Ambedded dengan cepat pertumbuhan pasar penyimpanan perusahaan Turki. Perusahaan dan organisasi yang mencari solusi penyimpanan cloud-native lokal dengan biaya lebih rendah, ketersediaan tinggi, dan skalabel kini bisa mendapatkan peralatan Ambedded Ceph dan layanan profesional dari GTM Teknoloji di Turki. Dengan lebih dari 20 tahun pengalaman Penyimpanan yang Ditentukan Perangkat Lunak, Dilengkapi dengan tim berbakat yang berpengalaman dalam desain dan pembuatan alat penyimpanan yang ditentukan perangkat lunak berbasis ARM.

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Ambedded Technology and GTM Teknoloji Announce Partnership to Deliver Software-Defined Storage Appliances in Turkey.

14 Apr, 2021 Tertanam

Ambedded Technology, a leading software-defined storage appliance manufacturer with rich experiences on Ceph and Arm server, and GTM Teknoloji, a professional IT total solution provider in Turkey, announce the partnership to deliver Ambedded’s cloud-native Software-Defined Storage to the fast-growing Turkish enterprise storage market.
Enterprises and organizations looking for the lower cost on-premise, high-available, and scalable cloud-native storage solutions can now get Ambedded Ceph appliances and professional service from GTM Teknoloji in Turkey.

Ambedded’s Ceph Storage appliance is highly scalable and easy-to-operate. It is reducing the infrastructure capital investment and operational cost while achieving high availability, and it is helping to improve performance in both on-premise or hosted private cloud systems. Ambedded’s Unified Virtual Storage (UVS) Manager - a web-based graphical user interface (GUI) enables administrators to simplify the way to manage, configure and monitor Ceph storage (SDS).

The solution comes with broad benefits for customers, among which:
  • Easy to use, scale and manage storage
  • Lower initial investment and operational expenses, even at a massive scale
  • Automated management tools for the entire lifecycle of software-defined storage
  • Highly available and scalable platform
  • Exceptional performance
  • Professional support from GTM and Ambedded
  • Affordable infrastructure cost

“We are excited to partner with Ambedded Technology. With the partnership, we can offer award-winning and innovative storage solutions with high-quality IT services by "Ambedded" in Turkey with our partnership. Customers can get the computing, networking, and storage solutions altogether from a trusted vendor.” said Serkan Karaarslan from GTM Teknoloji.
As GTM Teknoloji, we are proud to produce Value Added solutions with maximum benefit for Turkish IT professionals for 12 years.

About Ambedded Technolog

Ambedded is a software-defined storage company with expertise in Linux OS, kernel, software-defined storage, embedded system, and Arm server.With the purpose-built Ceph appliance, the Ambedded team owns extensive experience to help customers to adopt ceph solutions into versatile industries, such as Telecom, medical, military, edge data center, and HA required enterprise storage.

About GTM Teknoloji

GTM Teknoloji, since 2009 in Turkey "Advanced Technology Center" as is serving.Ambedded Ceph, Supermicro Server, Nvidia NPN & PNY partners.The sectors we mainly support are CCTV & Smart City, Broadcast & Media Entertainment, Public & Government, Education, Production, Transportation and Healthcare. We support our business partners with our on-site corporate support services and projecting services.

Lembar Data Mars 400 Mars 400SES

Alat Ceph & lembar data penyimpanan SUSE Enterprise

Ambedded - Solusi penyimpanan Ceph profesional untuk pasar.

Terletak di Taiwan sejak 2013, Ambedded Technology Co., LTD. adalah penyedia solusi penyimpanan Ceph yang menawarkan perangkat penyimpanan yang ditentukan perangkat lunak berbasis ARM dengan penghematan CapEX 60%, konsumsi daya 70% lebih sedikit, dan keunggulan penskalaan 100%.

Untuk perancangan dan pembuatan penyimpanan yang ditentukan Perangkat Lunak, tim Ambedded memiliki pengalaman luas untuk membantu pelanggan mengadopsi solusi ceph ke dalam industri serbaguna, seperti Telecom, medis, militer, pusat data edge, dan penyimpanan perusahaan yang diperlukan HA.

Ambedded telah menawarkan solusi penyimpanan Ceph kepada pelanggan sejak 2013, baik teknologi canggih maupun pengalaman 20 tahun, Ambedded memastikan setiap permintaan pelanggan terpenuhi.