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Cy21 21-Nodes ARM based Server with solid state disk SSD


Cy21 21-Nodes ARM based Server with solid state disk SSD

No: Cy21


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Model No.: Cy21
SSD based storage server, 1U solution supported up to 105,000 DMIPS by 42 x Micro Server with 42GB DDR3



icon Fast Data access needs by SSD storage, and 1 to 1 CPU/SSD ratio
icon Powerful computing with 105,000 DMIPs per 1U for Big Data analytics
icon Alternative to AWS S3, compatible to Object storage with REST interface
icon Web serving for highly distributed cloud environment
icon Perfect fit to a "if it is broken, don’t fix it" model with reduced maintenance costs
icon Dual redundancy of the 3 pairs Ethernet ports switches up to 2Gbps


Cy21 Server System
Form Factors 1/2 Rack U (60 cm x 120 cm standard rack "back to back" installation)
Processor Slots 21 x CYOne - Micro Server Module, software readable position ID
Internal Interconnect 2 x Gbps Ethernet switches
External Connection 3 pairs of 2 x Gbps Ethernet ports
Storage bay 21x mSATA SSD(SATAII) slots
Cooling 3 brushless ball bearing fans
Power consumption Maximum 80 Watts when 21 micro servers, 21 SSD and LAN ports at full loading
Power Supply 150 Watts switching power supply, 90 to 264 AC V, 47 to 63 Hz
Size and Weight L 450 mm x W 600 mm x H 40 mm ~ 4.5 Kg with 21 cpu modules, 21 x mSATA SSD
CyOne Micro Server
Form Factor Pluggable module
CPU 1.0 GHz Marvell Armada 370 ARMv7 with FPU
Cooling Passive Colling
Memory 1 GB DDR3 1333 MT/s SDRAM
Flash storage 128 MB SLC NAND flash
Pinouts 2 x SATA 2.0, 1 USB 2.0, 2 x 1 Gbps LAN, 1 serial, 3 bit digital input
Power Consumption Maximum 2.5Watts
Software Specification
Kernel Linux kernel 3.2.54 (ARM Device Tree native support)
Software Distros Debian 7.x / Ubuntu 14.04 – armhf
Application Solution - Exabyte scale object and block Cloud storage with GlusterFS, Ceph or other clustered
  network filesystems
- AWS S3 Compatible Object Storage with REST interface
- Big Data Analytics with Hadoop
- Parallel computing
- Web serving for higly distribuited Cloud environments


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