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Cy7 7-node ARM based Storage Server


Cy7 7-node ARM based Storage Server

No: Cy7


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Model No. CySeven
0.5U/1U Rack Mount 7 Nodes ARM Micro Server

The “cellular” architecture of CY7 is designed to allow infinite scale computing with no single points of failure. Each computing module is a network node of his own; internal interconnection keeps communication between the nodes, while outside/cluster connectivity is provided by two ethernet interfaces. When used for Cloud storage it scales linearly in capacity AND speed with the addition of more units. Best used in a “fail & play” model where the the failure of some of the computing/storage nodes is accounted from the start: failed equipment is simply turned off, not serviced or repaired by technicians, lowering the TCO of the solution. Open Source friendly and fully Linux compatible it uses the first ARM processor natively supported by the standard Linux Vanilla kernel: no need to install vendor patches and/or customized (often not current) customized kernels/distros.




icon Revolutionary The world’s first server built using ARM CPU modules working together as a network of cells, with no single point of failure, incredible performance and scalability
icon ECO Friendly Designed for low energy consumption and high thermal dynamic efficiency
icon Infinity Scalability Benefit from all the power and the saving from the first server to infinity
icon 100% Compatible Compatible with Linux kernel 3.13 - Ubuntu, Debian, GlusterFS, Ceph, Hadoop, and any Linux Package
icon Cutting Edge Technology Two integrated Ethernet switches, 1 CPU for all hard disks, High density storage, Parallel computing


CySeven System
Form Factors ½ Rack U (1.000 mm standard rack “back to back” installation)
Processor Slots 7 x CYOne - pluggable independant computing units
Internal Interconnect 2 X Gbps Ethernet switches
External Connection 2 X Gbps Ethernet ports
Hard Disk Drive Bays 6 X 3,5' SATA Hard Drives, software controlled staged spin up
Solid State Disk 2 X mSATA slots
Cooling 5 brushless ball bearing fans
Power Supply 150W switching power supply, 90 to 264 AC V, 47 to 63 Hz
Size and Weight L 450 mm W 600 mm H 40 mm ~ 10 Kg with 7 cpu modules, 6 x 4TB HDD's and 2
mSATA modules
Form Factor Pluggable module
CPU 1 Ghz Marvell Armada 370 ARMv7 with FPU
Cooling Passive Colling
Memory 1 GB DDR3 1333 MT/s SDRAM
Flash storage 128 MB SLC NAND flash
Pinouts 2 X SATA 2.0, 1 USB 2.0, 2 X 1 Gbps LAN, 1 serial, 3 bit digital input
Power Consumption 2.5 W
Software Specification
Kernel Linux plain Vanilla Kernel, 3.2.X (ARM Device Tree native support)
Software Distros Debian 7.x / Ubuntu 13.x – armhf
Application Solution - Exabyte scale object and block Cloud storage with GlusterFS, Ceph or other clustered
  network filesystems
- WS S3 Compatible Object Store with REST interface
- Big Data Analytics with Hadoop
- Parallel computing for scientific research
- Web serving for higly distribuited Cloud environments


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